Tuesday, June 15, 2010

letter to griffin

I am doing a project on the rainforest and species that live there and i am writing a blog about it.

Can you please stop using Palm oil in your gingernuts and put canola oil or soya oil instead.

We eat 2 or 3 gingernuts a day.

We will not eat your gingernuts if you don't stop putting palm oil in.

If you stop i will tell everyone that they have to buy your gingernuts because they are palm oil free.

I will put your reply on the blog.



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

palm oil products

organic cocoa is better than milo - no palm oil in organic products that i found

these are two kinds of butter chicken - one has vegetable oil and one does not READ THE LABELS!

this is all the things that i found that had vegetable oil in them

these are two types of mayonnaise, one has vegetable oil in and one does not.

My sister is very sad because these products are YUM!

i cleaned out my pantry for palm-oil.

it was bad because so many products had palm-oil in it.

I found that the more processed products had palm oil in than the less processed products.

Some disguises for palm oil are "vegetable oil" or "vegetable fat".

Canola oil or soya oil can also be under vegetable oil or vegetable fat.

i am going to contact the companies who make the products to make sure whether they use palm oil or not.

Companies use palm oil because it is cheap and stable.